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Medical Receivables
Day-One Billing
Extended Business Office
Medical Receivables

Medical Billing SolutionsSince 1920, we have performed receivables management including collection and billing services in the medical industry. Through the years, we have developed highly trained personnel and systems to help health care organizations in the management of patient accounts receivables.

We understand that medical accounts require a more sensitive approach. Often we are dealing with customers who are also the patient. Our communication with them is aimed at ensuring our clients are represented in a professional, courteous manner.

Services provided include:

  • Medical Billing
  • Accounts Receivable Clean up
  • Extended Business Office
  • Monitoring of long term payment arrangements
  • Pre-collection Letters and Phone Calls
  • Aggressive pursuit of difficult insurance and workers' compensation claims
  • Third Party Collection of bad debt accounts
  • A/R Conversion Clean-up


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